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Protect Your Noggin

Dec 29, 2020

This episode shares an international student perspective on American food, work & religion. We interview Jeff’s compelling student Malik, who is an international student who was stuck with us on an empty campus over the winter break. We invited candid observations from our guest, who obliged our questions but is by nature not one to offer unsolicited criticism. Nonetheless, we believe that the best way to identify and heal unbalanced aspects of our own lives is to get an outsiders’ perspective, which is what this episode brings, even as we welcomed this student to be part of our inner circle of conversation for a time.

For the sake of social distancing, we used long mic chords and talked outside. Unfortunately, that means we picked up occasional aircraft and electric saw sounds at a couple points. There’s a segment where just Jeff and Malik are talking as we had to move the recording spot a couple times and Stacie stepped out to run an errand.