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Protect Your Noggin

Sep 28, 2021

Jeff Mallinson explains how ancient Taoists and early Christians both faced worlds that were uncertain, violent & riddled with factionalism & war. According to him, both approaches to life encouraged a sort of spiritual anarchism, which is the central topic of this outside lecture in the CUI Heritage Garden. Anarchism here refers to the idea that the state serves its own interests, rather than ours & is thus not to be trusted let alone worshipped. The sage-disciple will avoid the very systems of domination that work to enslave us & steal our joy, albeit in a nonviolent way. The difference between Taoism & Christianity is primarily the difference between letting things run their course as the sage goes fishing on the outskirts of society on the one hand (Taoism), and working to repair the world and heal our neighbors with Good News, even when it means the followers of Jesus will face suffering and death at the hands of the powers that be on the other (Christianity).