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Protect Your Noggin

May 16, 2022

What happens when you reject the state’s official paperwork and driver’s licenses? When did you begin, and why does that matter politically and spiritually? Who owns you and your biological material? We explore these questions with our old pal Jon David Johnson, with whom Jeff played music back in the day as The Bloodhound Shuffle. He has a unique interpretation of the Bible and political history that you may not agree with, but we found interesting and helpful as a sort of thought experiment, through which we can reframe our origins as biological beings and the relationship between our understanding of that question and the question of who owns us. By going back to before conception, Jon David ties the human being back to oneness with the creative source of existence, something that predates the claims states and churches and parents make over us.

CW: police violence, racism, explicit language.

Note: Neither we or our guest offer medical or legal advice on this episode.