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Protect Your Noggin

Oct 14, 2019

“Look for truth that is like a solid granite mountain face. Let all fragile constructs dash to pieces against it.”

This is not a show arguing for or against the concept of biblical inerrancy, but it is a long form reflection on the nature of truth and what it feels like when we find it. It is also about ways in which people sometimes use ideas like biblical infallibility as a tool for authoritarian control. We spend a good bit of time discussing our application of the enneagrams to our relationships, but wait for the application of this seeming rabbit trail to the question of divine revelation. Whatever our view of our sacred texts, when we enforce allegiance to it in the minds of students in a way that bypasses their critical thinking and genuine engagement with the complexities that texts present us, we do psychological, intellectual, and spiritual harm—even when we are intending to do good. 

We might get some stuff wrong but we are all but certain that if you take some of this to heart you will find a deep peace you may not have yet known, and a stronger trust in the truth of Jesus’ message (even if you don’t call yourself a Christian).

Segment 1: Background and opening with a question from a listener

Segment 2: Discussion of Stacie’s enneagram number and why it is helpful to consider: minute 0:23

Segment 3: Seven points about biblical inerrancy: 1:30

This is our longest episode yet, so you might want to break it into chunks throughout the week.