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Protect Your Noggin

Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to our first episode.

Segment 1: We'll share a bit about our backstory, focusing this time on Jeff's story (Stacie's will be on episode 2).

Segment 2: We discuss research from Donald Capps that relates bad forms of religious education to torment in students.

Segment 3: We address a listener call about leaving a religious group.

We offer and receive lessons in outfoxing religious wolves reforming religious education so everyone can be spiritually bold, free of manipulation and filled with deep peace.

After 20+ years of professional work in religious education and educational nonprofits, hosts Jeff Mallinson (D.Phil. Oxford, philosophy and religion professor, author and speaker) and Stacie Mallinson (former nonprofit development professional, and certified yoga instructor) realized that bad forms of religious education can lead to trauma. This podcast focuses on training in critical thinking and personal empowerment as we reform religious education.

The piano at the beginning is by Aidan Mallinson, free styling in the living room one day, with production by Jeff Mallinson. The drops during the closing are from the films "The Life of Brian" and "Gaslight".

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