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Protect Your Noggin

Dec 9, 2019

The main point of this show is that we are invited to pay more attention to the wisdom that our bodily senses offer, to carefully listen to what they are telling us, and yet to not judge the stimuli too quickly. We discuss the importance of intuition, and the idea that the non-human universe is actively communicating with us through various senses even when it doesn't use human language.

We start with a discussion of our new Tao Te Ching translation project and share a sample of that work. 

At 1:05 there's audio of Great Pyrenees working dogs in action, and what their barks mean.

At the end of the show, we address a listener email addressing the question of divorce in severely unhealthy relationships.

We mention abuse occasionally but not the details, only the ways in which intuition is important for navigating a world where not everyone is to be trusted.