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Protect Your Noggin

Dec 23, 2019

This is more of a laid back conversational show. Imagine we're just sitting around on couches, with a fire glowing. In the first segment we discuss how myths affect the way we approach life. How some myths become outdated and need replacement. Guest Auggie Mallinson talks about Gilbert Ryle on myth and the important lessons from the animated series Bojack Horseman, which teaches us that character is formed slowly over time, and it is unhealthy for us to expect quick resolution to life challenges. In the second hour, we interview Wayne Boyd, a recently retired army chaplain who is a pacifist who wrote a book called _The Twentieth Miracle_, which looks back on life challenges and renarrates them. We discuss the challenges there, and discuss his journey out of fundamentalism. His wife Sharon joins us part way through. 

TW: Combat Trauma, Discussion of Suicide Among Combat Veterans