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Protect Your Noggin

Sep 30, 2019

For the first segment, Stacie shares her background in American evangelicalism: the good, bad, and ugly. Then she explains why she got into yoga. 

The second segment (about an hour in) is an in depth discussion of research related to the psychological reasons people either minimize abusive behaviors or fail to report them. The most important thing here is that the research suggests that protocols and procedures, including enforced mandatory reporting rules aren't enough: we need to rethink the way we educate both students and educators. That's what this project is all about.

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TW: This show deals with sexual abuse in the context of people not reporting it. Again, we will not always be focusing on this topic directly, rather, in these first episodes we are trying to convey why training in critical thinking and trusting perceptions is important for individuals and, ultimately, the viability of institutions that were founded to serve individuals in the first place.

Again, keep the Crisis Hotline text number handy: 741741

PS: Here's a link to the Sarah Condon video we referenced: