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Protect Your Noggin

Mar 1, 2020

Can the principles we promote on this show be applied within Christian education? While it isn't always easy, one longstanding way to do so is through the liberal arts, especially in the context of church-related higher education. Guests Joel Oesch (theology) and Daniel Deen (philosophy), two colleagues from Jeff's university (Concordia University, Irvine) discuss the difficulties and opportunities for critical thought in liberal arts institutions. 

Stacie is out of town this week, and Jeff will be traveling to Dallas, so we are shifting the schedule slightly. Next episode will return to our discussion of the teachings of Jesus, and how these teachings help students learn to outfox religious wolves.

Forgive some of the ambient sounds. We tried recording outside, since the day was beautiful. There are a few bird and vehicle sounds, but they shouldn't be too distracting. 

Go to the show page at to find out more about the Crosswise Institute, something all three of the gents on today's show have been involved in crafting.