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Protect Your Noggin

Jul 13, 2021

Reflection on Stacie’s hypothesis that American Christian beliefs about hierarchy and inequality in the home are negatively affecting the sex lives of evangelicals and others whose ideologies or theologies reject the basic equality of all partners in a sexual relationship. Also a discussion of why people fight at campsites and the conditions in which people can be genuine friends.

This season, we're talking about nourishment, and this is a casual investigation into the nourishing role of positive, healthy and non-coercive sexuality.


Stuff We Mention

  • Relationship quarrels during camping
  • Hormones, menopause, and relationships
  • Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Anger
  • Jeff Mallinson, Sexy: The Quest for Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times
  • Politics and camping
  • John Stuart Mill On Feminism